Body Alarm Reaction (BAR)

Body Alarm Reaction (BAR)

Body Alarm Reaction - BAR

This DVD has previously ONLY been available to dedicated and serious Martial Arts Experts and Self Defense Gurus.
NOW... The secrets held only by a SELECT FEW are finally revealed to you!

I revealed these Secrets to some of my most trusted and loyal friends a little over 18 Years ago. The information remained "locked away" for 6 Years and then it was released to the "select few" within Martial Arts and Self Defense... Now it is YOUR Turn"... Russell Stutely. World's No.1 Expert.

Dear Self Defense Enthusiast,

This DVD  took the Martial Arts and Self Defense World by storm upon its release about 18 years ago and this new and updated version is even more amazing!

Originally ordered NOT TO DIVULGE any of these Secrets to anyone outside of a select group of 13 Martial Arts Masters and Self Defense Guru's, I had to keep quiet for 6 Long Years.

I knew that EVERYONE should have the information they need to help defend themselves and their loved ones.

BUT... I was under strict orders!

Then, one fateful night, a good friend of mine was badly injured in a vicious and un-provoked street attack.

Thankfully he made a full recovery.... to this Day.. I so wish that I had been able to Teach my friend BAR.

Then, probably, he would have come away from that encounter totally intact!

I vowed from that day on, that I would do EVERYTHING in my power to get the information needed out to the right people.

I vowed to ensure that people just like you had the information and tools required to help defend against the violence that is spreading like a virus within our communities.

This information and tools required are here on this DVD that is available for DELIVERY to your Door and for IMMEDIATE DOWNLOAD.

What is BAR?

Body Alarm Reaction (BAR) is the "shock" that your body goes into during a REAL Fight. Now... MANY many "experts" talk about this subject. They tell you all the stories about the chemicals that flow through your body.

They talk about the adrenal dumps, the tunnel vision, the loss of fine motor skills etc...

In fact they give you an endless list of what happens to you and all the problems you now face... apart from the bad guy/s that want to rip your face off!

NO-ONE, NOT ONE of these "experts" actually tells you HOW to deal with this "shock" or indeed turn this "shock" into your best weapon!

How to completely TURN THE TABLES on your would be attacker and MAKE THEM the ones going into shock.

Make THEM have an adrenal dump like you would not believe. Make THEM freeze or collapse or as in many cases... simply pass out and be unable to even move let alone fight.

This is SERIOUS INFORMATION... This is why it was "locked away" for 6 Years... This is why it was held back for the "select few".

This is WHY YOU NEED to know this RIGHT NOW!

This DVD is the definitive guide and training method to truly understand and utilise "shock" to render your opponent completely unable to continue or simply unconscious.

There are many people out there at the moment trying to copy me. As the saying goes "Beware of Imitations!"

This is the TRUE SOURCE of this Information... from The World's No. 1 Expert on the Subject!

The Information on this DVD has been rigorously "field-tested" so as to speak.

Utilised within a few short hours by the likes of ....

  • Law Enforcement Officers, Military Police, Prison Officers
  • Door Supervisors (Bouncers), Body Guards, Bar Staff
  • Shop Owners, Public Works Employees, Teachers
  • Martial Artists, Self Defense Experts,Doctors, Nurses and people JUST LIKE YOU!


"Wow! What can I say? This information has saved my Bacon time and time again.

I no longer end up fighting with the violent, drunk customers at our NightClub... I just BAR them and.. well and that's it!

Thanks Russell... your information and training drills have helped me and all my Door staff keep the peace and keep ourselves safe"

Name withheld for Security reasons

Some people have only trained a few short minutes of this information and STILL been able to utilise it as and when required.


"One week after viewing this DVD, I was attacked in a Shopping Centre Car Park, whilst carrying all my Xmas Shopping.

I BAR'd the attacker once and down he went... I knew I had to do it again.. he was so intent.. So I BAR'd him again... he went down and did not get up for quite a while.

The whole thing was caught on CCTV. The Police were amazed at my use of reasonable force in those circumstance.

Thanks Russell. By the way.. I later found out that the attacker required some metal work on his jaw for a few months"

H. Mann


This information has resulted in an amazing tally of good guys winning! So far we have had no reports of a bad guy winning against BAR.

This information has been utilised by hundreds of people so far... and not one of them has reported a failure.

This does not mean of course that BAR will make you Superman or make you invincible... what it DOES MEAN.... Is that BAR will GREATLY INCREASE your chances of success.

What is on this DVD?

  • Explanation of BAR
  • Step by Step Training Drills
  • Training Methods and Drills
  • How to utilise BAR
  • LIVE Examples - see the REAL EFFECTS
  • Pre-Emptive and Reactive BAR
  • Much More

What do you receive when you purchase?

  • BAR 2010 DVD Delivered to your Door
  • BAR 2010 DVD For Immediate Download
  • BAR Previous Version - THE ORIGINAL - For Immediate Download

Important Information:

  • DVD Download can be saved to your Hard Drive

  • Can even be burnt to DVD

  • No restriction on amount of Views

  • Auto resume of Download from where it stopped.. should you lose your Internet Connection

  • Immediate Download upon completion of Order

Payment can be made in your own currency and can be via any Major Card or Paypal

We use the latest in shopping cart and Internet Security. Russell Stutely Productions NEVER see your card details.

Upon completion of payment you will be taken to your own personal secure download area for your download links. You will also be sent your links in an email, so please keep an eye on your inbox and check your spam / junk filter just in case.

Hard copies go out via USPS, so customers in USA and Canada will receive a tracking No. when shipment is made (99.85% of orders go out within 48 Hours of receipt)

Enjoy this amazing offer!

Russell Stutely
World Leader - Pressure Point Fighting

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