Players To The Game

Players To The Game

Technique Enhancers

This DVD is designed primarily for those Martial Arts Practitioners who are new or fairly new to Pressure Points.

This is an update to our previous DVD and was filmed in December 2009.

It is broadcast quality and is available as NTSC / PAL Multi-Region depending on your area. You will automatically receive the correct DVD type for your Country.

This DVD is instructional in nature and is designed to compliment our range of videos currently available.

As with any video DVD it is difficult to understand just how painful some of these techniques are, even at 1-5% of power. It is with this in mind that we urge you to use caution when practicing.

You will learn HOW to make Pressure Points REALLY work!


Players to The Game are what makes Pressure Points REALLY Work.

I have experienced this FIRST HAND. I know from Russell's teachings all over the World at the HIGHEST Levels that this information is what you need.

Buy it now or deny yourself a lifetimes opportunity.

Peter Consterdine
9th Dan Karate

Players To The Game are those little constituent parts that make a technique work... and I mean REALLY WORK!

Have you ever had this happen in sparring or a fight?

You are not trying to hurt anyone and all of a sudden... a seemingly innocuous technique really drops them or hurts them?

Often times we put this down to a "fluke" or just plain BAD LUCK on our opponents part!

BUT! Something made that technique work better... something made that seemingly "nothing" technique a fight finisher!

It is the analysis of scenarios such as this that has led to this DVD being made.

Imagine being able to break down any technique into its constituent parts... then adding in the EXTRA Players that you will learn from this DVD and MAKE THAT TECHNIQUE MUCH MORE EFFECTIVE..... IMMEDIATELY!

What once took 50-80% power, can now be achieved with 10%.

Just think what it will feel like to KNOW that you have a ton in reserve for when you REALLY need it.

This REALLY is the ANSWER to your Martial Arts questions and riddles.

EVERYTHING on this DVD is simplified and made unbelievably easy to understand and replicate.

You OWE IT TO YOURSELF to make that purchase now!

What do I get when I order?

1. You will receive the DVD in hard copy for delivery to your door.

2. Plus a download version for immediate viewing upon completion of your order.

3. Plus a download version of the previous edition

Payment can be made in your own currency and can be via any Major Card or Paypal

We use the latest in shopping cart and Internet Security. Russell Stutely Productions NEVER see your card details.

Upon completion of payment you will be taken to your own personal secure download area for your download links. You will also be sent your links in an email, so please keep an eye on your inbox and check your spam / junk filter just in case.

Hard copies go out via USPS, so customers in USA and Canada will receive a tracking No. when shipment is made (99.85% of orders go out within 48 Hours of receipt)

Enjoy this amazing offer!

Russell Stutely
World Leader - Pressure Point Fighting

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