Pressure Point Knockouts Made Easy

Pressure Point Knockouts Made Easy

How to K.O. With Pressure Points

Filmed in December 2009, this DVD has brought PP K.O Information bang up to date.

Simply follow the on screen instructions and you will be knocking out your training partners left, right and centre!

Learn the CORRECT method to achieve REAL Pressure Point Knockouts.

Watch closely as Russell Stutely not only teaches the correct method but demonstrates actual Knockouts as well.

This is a "must have" DVD for any serious Pressure Point practitioner.

What are Pressure Point Knockouts?

Well, to put them in simple easy to understand terms.. they are UNLIKE a typical K.O that you would see in Pro - Fighting for example (ONLY AT LOW POWER LEVELS) as they affect the Meridians and energy of the body instead of the usual "brain shake" of a standard K.O.

Remember.. this is a very BASIC explanation and there is MUCH MORE to the Science than the above... especially when a Point is over a specific Nerve Cluster / Artery etc... and even more so, when you add in the power levels that you would use in a REAL fight.

Then you have the added bonus of BOTH TYPES of K.O working together.

Where are these PP K.O Points?

There are many all over the Body and Head. The HIGH percentage areas are shown on this DVD, with detailed instruction on how to make them work.

How quickly Can I learn them?

Well, that depends entirely on you! One to one I can teach people these in a few minutes. If you have followed my "order of learning" then you have everything in place to make these K.O's work with ease in a few moments of training.

What do I get when I order?

  • You will receive the DVD in hard copy for delivery to your door.
  • Plus a download version for immediate viewing upon completion of your order.

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Enjoy this amazing offer!

Russell Stutely
World Leader - Pressure Point Fighting

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