• Warriors Union 8 DVD Set
    All 8 DVDs delivered to your door. “How To Fight” Secrets Of The World’s Most Elite Warrior’s! For the past 18 months or so, legendary guru Russell Stutely has been in virtual ‘hiding’… It’s taken us a long time - but we finally found him – and an elite bunch of the World’s greatest and most feared fighters - sharing their greatest ‘how to fight’ secrets…on a remote island in the Mediterranean!
  • Magical Moves 2 DVD Set
    DO NOT PURCHASE IF YOU OWN WARRIORS UNION Extreme Pressure Point Fighting WARNING: This Double DVD Set contains techniques of an extremely violent nature. DO NOT order if you are easily shocked. DO NOT Order if you are squeamish and DO NOT Order if you have The Warriors Union Set.
  • X-Fighting System 3 DVD Set
    DO NOT PURCHASE IF YOU OWN WARRIORS UNION The Easy Guide To Fighting As you may know, I have worked with New Approach Publishing (NAP) for a few years now and this relationship has been fantastic. They are great people and great fun to work with. During this period I have held intense training sessions that they nor anyone outside of my "Core Inner Circle" were ever aware of! However, as is often the case, the cat was let out of the bag so as to speak....
  • Players To The Game - Secret Sessions 6 DVD Set
    All 6 DVDs delivered direct to your door PLUS All 6 DVDs for DIGITAL Download
  • Pressure Point Protege Program
    All 8 DVDs delivered to your door... “How An Overweight Super-Geek Achieved MASTERY Of The World's Most Powerful Pressure Points In A Secret Month-Long Training Regime… …And How The ‘Secrets' I Taught Him In My Ground-Breaking £20,000 Pressure Point Protégé Program Are Now Available To You Too – For A Very Limited Time!
  • The Gaia Fighting System
    New Breakthrough BLOWS TO BITS The World Of Self - Protection and Street Fighting..... The World's Most Effective And Brutal Self Defense System! Developed by The Pressure Point Expert, Russell Stutely. A bold claim? Sure - but read this and see for yourself!


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